Friday, September 30, 2005

So, how many blogs does one girl need?

This one makes #3 for me.
I have a livejournal where I have been actively posting:

I also have a myspace:
There really isn't that much interesting posted at my space yet! Maybe someday there will be... The big problem there is, I can't figure out the site. I like basic HTML. For some reason the site has done something crazy every time I've tried to post there; it doesn't seem to like my HTML. :( I think I like this site better! But Livejournal is definitely the most intuitive of the blog sites I've found yet. I really enjoy livejournaling!

Then there are my pictures at flickr:
I just found that site today, so I don't have much uploaded there yet either. I really like looking at pictures so I will probably play around with flickr more!

For right now, the best place to see my art is my ebay store:

But you can also check out my auctions at
It's a great site run by a nice couple, Peter & Conni Togel. Conni is a self representing artist too. The Togels built the site to be used by self representing artists only, so no worries about sweatshop art when you buy from artbyus.

Here is a link to my portfolio at EBSQ:
I usually add photos to it when something has sold (I have been using EBSQ to generate my certificates of authenticity.) So if you're curious about which pieces of mine have been sold, you can see some examples there. Some of the pieces you'll see there are actually still available for sale...most are sold.

Lastly here is a link to my Mixed Media Art Gallery at VariaZione!
Where you can see my original hand painted and hand dyed ACEOs/ Art Cards.

So, until I get around to updating this again, that should hopefully be more than enough amyspam for you! Thanks sincerely for your interest!


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