Monday, October 17, 2005

"Urban Decay"~ Original Painting on Canvas by Amy Solovay~SOLD

The Story behind the painting:

This is the first spin painting I ever attempted. I didn't really know what to expect from a spin painting. The whole thing was my husband Mike's idea! I did this painting before he built a more permanent turntable for me. He kind of rigged up a temporary setup just to try it out.

Anyway, my first spin painting was a crazy experience! I didn't know the paint would splatter everywhere the way it did. Oh my. You should have seen me when I was finished. I was wearing more paint than this canvas was, and that is only a mild exaggeration. :)

OK, some background information for you: Mike & I walk lots of places. We walk everywhere we can- to the post office, to the grocery store (yes we carry all our groceries home! If you ever need a good alternative to dieting, try it!) to get videos, to the bank, etc. So we walk by all kinds of crazy stuff. Seeing the city from the sidewalk is entirely different than seeing it from the window of your car. It makes it more real, more personal. The details are right there in front of you in a way that they just aren't if you drive by them in a blur.

One thing we sometimes notice in our travels- urban decay. Broken windows. Boarded up buildings. Graffiti. Empty lots that need tending. We marvel that this is the case, with real estate prices the way they are! It's kind of shocking to think that there are even 2 vacant square inches anywhere around here...

One day Mike & I were walking around the city and all of a sudden someone launched an object out of a window pretty much directly above us, and pieces of the broken window came hurtling down into the sidewalk and street. That was freaky!

So anyway when I was finished with this painting I realized that I had just painted, without meaning to, the broken windows and urban decay that keep popping up wherever we go. This is NOT a subject I would normally pick for a piece of art! Sheesh, I like flowers and happy things. What can I say...



Blogger Vedrana M. said...

really interesting and nice work!
keep on dreaming and creating :)

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