Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Time Warp", An Original Painting on Canvas ~ Sold

It's been awhile since I made new spin art, but I haven't lost interest in spin paintings at all; I have just been overflowing with ideas for mixed media pieces. This is a new acrylic painting on stretched canvas with staple-free sides.

I love the versatility of this piece. It has a really groovy retro look and would look great with Danish Modern Furniture or Any of the Midcentury Modern classics- Knoll, Panton, Mies Van Der Rohe, Saarinen...OR it would also look great with Contemporary furniture...a leather couch...suede furniture...a platform bed...

Colors: Chocolate Brown; Drab Olive Green (Could also be described as Army Green or a Dark Sage Green- it is a really grayed down, brownish green color); Plum Purple; Beige; Khaki; Tan; Neutral; Natural. The colors may not appear accurately on your monitor. If you need to know the exact colors in the painting, I can provide you with pantone numbers.

Sold, but I have more similar work available.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

ACEO #5 in "Paisley Images" Series

Paisley Images #5, originally uploaded by sugarpinkrose.

This is one of my favorites from this series so far. I love all of them, but this one really makes me smile. I love the subtle colors and the shiny metallics (you really can't tell from the scan but the hand painted details on the paisleys are metallic.)

This is a one of a kind original, although it is a cohesive part of the series...more info about this series can be found by either reading my earlier blog entries.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Card #3 in "Paisley Images" Series

Paisley Images #3, originally uploaded by sugarpinkrose.

This is another card from the "Paisley Images" series that I blogged about earlier. It was basically created using the same process I already described- hand painting, collage and block printing. The details are painted in shiny metallic lumiere paints, but you can't really tell from the scan. I wish I could figure out how to get better pictures of metallics. If anyone has any tips on that I would be very grateful!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

ACEO #9 in "Paisley Images" Series - Sold

Paisley Images #9, originally uploaded by sugarpinkrose.

This is an original collage/mixed media piece made with my own hand-dyed papers, plus a paisly woodblock print that I made using an antique wooden batik block from India. I bought that block, along with a couple others, on ebay! They were so expensive- more expensive than a rubber stamp would be- but sooooo worth it.

I originally purchased them for the surface design class that I was teaching because I wanted my students to have some really neat things to use in class. Quite a few of my students used it to create their own T-shirts and garments, and it blows my mind how everyone who has used the stamp has managed to make their image look totally different and unique.

I am amazed at how many different images can be created from one stamp. One of my favorite magazines, Somerset Studio, has even done a column in the magazine called "With One Stamp" that shows a variety of different art projects that were made with one rubber stamp. That really inspires me.

In the past I have stayed away from using rubber stamps in my own artwork because I like knowing that my pieces are one of a kind and original. In the future I might start using rubber stamps though. Playing with these woodblocks has been so much fun that I can see the attraction of owning a huge hoard of stamps and blocks.

I have seen hundreds of different vintage and antique woodblocks but I've never seen another one exactly like the ones I own- which makes me happy. I wouldn't be able to say the same thing for rubber stamps, but even so I think that it would still be possible to create fairly original art pieces using stamps. Just browsing the internet, I have seen so much amazing art that incorporates rubber stamps...

Anyway, this is only one card in the "Paisley Images" series that I am working on. So far there are 10 cards in the series and a couple of larger (but still small) collages. I'll be posting more of them in my blog soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Dizzy Lizzie", an Original Collage/Painting/Assemblage - Sold

Original Mixed Media Collage, Direct From the Artist's Studio! Modern, Contemporary, Upscale, Tiny, Small, Miniature, Mini, Vibrant, Colorful, Brilliant, Bright, Geometric, Hippie, Boho, Psychadelic and Fun are just a few adjectives that describe it. The first step in creating this piece was hand painting colorful dyes onto Strathmore Bristol Board. The dye paintings were created intuitively using abstract expressionist techniques. Then I cut up the hand dyed papers and did the tiny spin painting in metallic lumiere paints. Then I collaged the painting and paper together to form the final composition you see here. After that I added the embellishments- eyelets, hanging fringe with lots of beads, flowered ribbon, and a bright red button. The piece has a protective coating of varnish on it. It is all ready to hang and enjoy! :)


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Valentine's Day ACEO -Sold.

Valentine's Day ACEO, originally uploaded by sugarpinkrose.

This art card is brand new for Valentine's Day 2006. The base of this card is pink handmade paper that I made. I collaged various other elements on top of it to form the final composition you see here. I hand-painted and hand dyed the papers. There are also small handpainted, 3-dimensional wooden pieces which are affixed to the card. The outline around the heart was done by drawing with prismacolor art markers. There are metal eyelets in all 4 corners (the eyelets have some tiny chips- I did apply protective varnish to the entire piece, but the varnish was applied after the chips had already happened.) The piece can be hung from the attached leather cord. This is a one of a kind (OOAK) original work of miniature art!